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Sceattas - An Illustrated Guide - Tony Abramson

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Sceattas - An Illustrated Guide - Tony Abramson

Sceattas evince the explosion of creativity marking the end of the so-called 'Dark Age'. The iconography reflects diverse cultural influences in an age when Christianity and superstition clashed. The sophistication of design and technical excellence are stunning.
Yet sceattas are simultaneously the most dynamic and the most neglected sphere of English numismatics. The dynamism of the coinage derives from bold creativity ; the excitement from the rate of finds of previously unknown types.
Sceattas An Illustrated Guide is a heavily illustrated identification guide to protopennies of circa AD 675-775. It uses the extensive iconography of the coinage to provide a visual route to proper classification giving numismatic descriptions and historical, geographic, political, economic and religious context. It is a tool of vital interest to the collector, numismatist, archaeologist, metal-detectorist, medieval, economic and art historian.

Author : ABRAMSON Tony
Publisher : Heritage Marketing and Publications
21 x 29,7 cm
176 pages
Weight : 760 g

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